School Sponsored Class

School Sponsored Class

Accepting Referrals for New Schools

Your child's school can provide Wiz-Kidz as part of your child's curriculum. We will teach your child the basics of using a computer, computer and technology terminology, and guide them through using computer programs that enhance their developmental learning skills. These classes are administered in their normal classroom setting and are done on a rotating schedule.

Weekly sessions
20 children maximum per class
5-10 minute rotating stations
Computer-based curriculum that includes math, reading, patterns, and phonics.

Class Software:

Our software is a computer-based curriculum focusing on math, reading, patterns, phonics, and thinking skills.  Each tutoring session has an education based objective catered around the software used that week.  The software changes weekly in order to keep the student fully engaged.  Because we understand the importance to keeping up with the ongoing change in technology, our curriculum and educational tools are always current.

Note: Free tuition is based upon an agreement being in place between Wiz-Kidz and your child's school to provide these classes for free to your child. Not all schools have this agreement in place, but we are always looking for new schools to partner with and love referrals!