Advanced Class

Advanced Class

Admission Open!

Children in this class will learn more advanced technology topics and explore more advanced portions of the software programs that were used in the basic classes.  These sessions are administered outside of the classroom in a dedicated area just for the computer class.

Weekly sessions
6 children maximum per class
30 minute classes
Personalized progress report
Computer-based curriculum that includes math, reading, patterns, phonics, typing, and problem-solving skills

Session Breakdown:

10 Minutes - Teaching and reviewing computer knowledge and computer parts.
20 Minutes - Personalized instruction using their very own laptop (no computer sharing).

Class Software:

Our software is a computer-based curriculum focusing on math, reading, patterns, phonics, and thinking skills.  Each tutoring session has an education based objective catered around the software used that week.  The software changes weekly in order to keep the student fully engaged.  Because we understand the importance to keeping up with the ongoing change in technology, our curriculum and educational tools are always current.
Progress Reports:
After each tutoring session, your child will receive a personalized progress report explaining how their tutoring session went, along with a personalized note from the teacher.