Who We Are

Wiz-Kidz is a mobile computer and technology tutoring service offered in the Dallas area. We specialize in educating children about computers, as well as enhancing their education through the use of current technology. Wiz-Kidz was founded by Samantha Ahnemann, a mother and technology enthusiast. Her passion for children and love for technology made the creation of Wiz-Kidz a natural fit for her!

Why does my child need Wiz-Kidz?

As a parent, would you ever consider not teaching your child their ABC’s or how to count to 10? Probably not! Why would anyone not teach their child something fundamental that they will use everyday of their life? Computers and technology have become a fundamental part of our lives, and just like your ABC’s, they have an impact on us everyday. By educating your child about computers at an early age, you are setting them up for success later on in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a good age to enroll my child?
  • Our preschool program is designed for students ages 3-6. In order to get them started on the path of success, we recommend starting your child around the age of 3.
  • Are the teachers certified?
  • All of our teachers are up to date in their certifications including; First aid, TB testing, CPR certified, drug screened, background checked, and finger printed.
  • How can I get Wiz-Kidz to come to my school?
  • Wiz-Kidz offers free demonstrations at schools interested in hosting our program. We can schedule a free class for all students during the regular school hours. Students will receive a letter for their parents and we will leave brochures and enrollment information at the school.